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3 Ways To Catch Black Drum

Author: Logan Bergamo

How To Catch Black Drum In Vero Beach

Are you wanting to hear the most natural drum  sound and get some tight lines. If so target a popular species of fish named black drum. You them often in Florida and they aren't so hard to catch.

1) Sight Casting For Black Drum

 Well if you want to target them by sight casting on them in the flats ypu need a basic free line rig 30lbs bullbuster fluorocarbon about 5ft with an 2/0 j hook with a simple spinning rod setup 4000-5000 reel and an 7 foot rod would work prefect. While sight casting you want to use dead shrimp, dead/live crab, sand fleas any crustaceans will work just fine. 

2) Fishing For Big Black Drum Near Bridges

Now if you are fishing around bridges to catch big old drum 30+ pounds you are gonna need to beef your tackle up bump it up to 40lbs bull busters fluorocarbon and maybe a 7ft rod with a lot of back bone or even maybe 6,6ft with same size reel. For bait you want to use live blue claw crabs or an half of an big one with an 1oz spilt shot 1ft above the hook. If you are scouting for them make yourself an chicken rig out of 30lbs fluorocarbon with 2/0 j hooks (2 hooks is enough) use the same type of bait as if your were sight casting. At the bottom of your chicken rig put you an 1-2+ ounce weight depending on your current situation. Well good luck on the water and tight lines

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