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3 Tips To Make Your Terminal Tackle Last Longer

Author: Bullbuster Team

We've all planned ahead and bought bulk packs of swivels, hooks, sabiki's etc., only to use one or two from the pack and then have the rest rust out. We put together this article to help you prevent this from happening to prevent that from happening so that you can spend more time fishing. 

Tips To Make Your Terminal Tackle Last 10 Time Longer:

1) Keep Your Bulk Packs At Home & Bring Only What You Will Need For The Next Few Trips With You: 


As soon as you get your bulk pack of terminal tackle, separate what you will need for your next few trips into one tackle box, and your bulk pack into another one. Keeping an inventory of terminal tackle at home will ensure that your bulk packs stay out of the elements and have a 0% chance of rusting up.

2) Rinse & Dry :  

Dry off tackle with paper towel

After every trip rinse off the terminal tackle that used and let it dry on a paper towel or towel before putting it back into your tackle box. If one item that you have used goes back in wet and begins to rust, the rust can spread like the plague ruining other terminal tackle in its path of destruction.

3) Baby Powder Does The Trick: 

Use baby powder to avoid rust

A great friend of the Bullbuster Team showed us this trick.  Pour some baby powder into tackle boxes that hold terminal tackle. The baby powder will neutralize any moisture and make your tackle box a rust free environment. 

We hope this article helps you #SpendMoreTimeFishing

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