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3 Tips To Make Your Mono Fishing Line Last Longer

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Make You Monofilament Fishing Line Last Longer

Below are three tips that should help you make your monofilament fishing line last longer. 

1) Store Your Rods Out Of The Sun - UV rays are one of the only elements that can have a lasting affect on your fishing lines.  If you want your mono fishing line to last longer, make sure you store your reels and spools inside and away from harmful UV rays.

2) Rinse Your Reels With Freshwater -  By rinsing your reels off with freshwater, you not only make reduce the effects of salt water on your reels, but you also knock out any salt, sand, or debri from your line that could damage it the next time you hook into a big fish. 

3) Use A Reel Cover - Using a reel cover not only protects your reel from getting scratched, but it does so for your fishing line. Using a reel cover on your way in from fishing, or on long runs to the islands, reduces the damage of UV rays to your fishing line. 

Photo courtesy of Capt. Harrys

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