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3 Reasons Buying Braid In Bulk Helps You Spend More Time Fishing

Miami, FL

Author: Bullbuster Team

    Braided fishing line often seems like a big upfront investment, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Buying braid in general saves you time (See how using braid can help you spend more time fishing).   But buying braid in bulk for your entire aresenal of reels can help you spend more time fishing. 

1) Having braided backing on each of your reels is a good idea in general:

 Sometimes you are  just guna need braided backing (See the importance of line capacity).   All of the preparation you did for your recent trip will be a waste if you loose a big fish due since you didn't have enough line. 

2) Braid lasts WAY longer than mono

Braid lasts on your reel up to 5 time longer than mono.  To make it last even longer, try using a mono topshot to avoid the everyday wear and tear. (See Mono Topshots -- Major Key To Success).

3) Braid saves you time when spooling your reels:  

Think about it, you won't need to change your braid to often, so you will save a lot of time taking line off of your reels, and putting it back on.  

Below Are Two Big Time Fishermen That Spend A Lot Of Time Fishing & Put Braid Most Of Their Reels: