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3 Key Elements To Successfully Land Big Drum In The Surf

Author: Patrick Meek

How To Successfully Land Big Drum From The Surf / Beach.

When trying to land big Drum from the surf, whether it's Redfish or Black Drum, a lot of things can go wrong. I've been on the receiving end of heartache more than once and there's nothing more painful than watching a nice trophy fish so close get away.

Here are 3 key elements to successfully land a trophy Drum from the surf / beach:

1. Patience

Once you have got your Drum near the shore line, tighten your reels drag slightly to have more control. DO NOT horse the fish in! Horsing a fish in is one of those cardinal sins. The harder you and the fish pull, the more chances of equipment failure and hook failure increase due to the unknown hook set. Patience is the key. Slow and steady wins the race.

2. Timing 

When the waves are breaking at the shore line, timing is everything. With your drag set appropriately and you have control of the fish, you want to time the wave so that when you pull your surf rod you allow the Drum to "surf" or "ride" the wave in. With the correct timing of the wave, this will allow you to land the Drum on wet sand in the wash making it easier to handle your catch and it puts less pressure on your leader.

3. No Interference 

I cannot stress this enough. As much as your fishing partner may want to get involved, they may be hurting more than helping. Never let them grab the mainline, especially braid since it can cause a deep cut. Grabbing the mainline or leader before the Drum is ready to be landed only creates added pressure to the leader and hook. Since the hook set is uncertain, grabbing the mainline or leader can cause the hook to bend, it could cause the leader to break, or it could just pull the hook from the fish's mouth to become free and you will be watching your catch swim away disappointed. As much as your partner wants to help, only let them assist when asked.

Hopefully with these 3 tips, this will help you be able to put your trophy Drum on the sand instead of watching "the one that got away."


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