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2021 South FL Tournament Schedule

Author: Mike Milewski

2021 South Florida KDW Tournament Schedule!

KDW Tournament

It is that time of the year again to start planning your 2021 tournament schedule in South Florida!! There are several local KDW (King, Dolphin, Wahoo) tournaments that we are awaiting the dates for 2021. As the dates are released, I will update the below schedule. However, the below schedule will get everyone started on planning out your tournament season!!

KDW Kingfish

Our Team's focus and season goals will continue to be on the SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Division 10 Tournament Trail. Of course, we will fish a number of other KDW Tournaments as well. But the reality is fishing SKA tournaments allow us the chance to compete with other teams that are in the same boat class. The SKA has a “Small Boat Class” which limits the size of your vessel. In addition, they do have the “Open Class” for all the big dogs!!. There is no doubt we put in a ton of time/effort to bring back quality fish to weigh-in, but we are limited to the number of people and lines we can fish compared to the much larger teams/boats.

No matter what it is great to get out on the water and chase a tournament-winning fish with prize money/bragging rights on the line!! Also, all your local KDW tournaments do support local charities as well!! Always nice to support your community and meet some new fishing friends!

Good luck to all in the 2021 Tournament Season!!

Southern Kingfish Association (SKA)-

Tournament                            Date                        Website

OAPB KMT (SKA Division 10) 2/27/2021

JJ Fish Week                           3/4-6/2021 

PB Meat Mayhem                     3/21/2021  

SKA Nationals                          4/16-17/2021

FTL Meat Mayhem                     4/24/2021

Saltwater Shootout (SKA Division 10) 5/15/2021

WPBFC KDW Classic                 6/5/2021  

BDFC  (SKA Division 10)              7/10/2021

Saltwater Showdown (SKA D 10) 8/14/2021

ChaseN Tailz (SKA Division 10)      8/21/2021          

Big Dog Kingfish Battle (SKA D 10) 11/13/2021

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