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2016 Hobie Outback Review

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

Kayak Fishing Review

Alright everyone let’s talk a little bit about the Hobie Outback. Arguably one of the top contenders in the vast selection of fishing kayaks on the market. This season I stumbled on a solid deal on a 2016 Hobie Outback and decided this was going to be my new rig for the upcoming fishing seasons and rightfully so due to many factors and features of the kayak before doing any kind of modifications. So here we go let’s get into the meat and potatoes. 

Specs Of The Hobie Outback

The outback has everything that a fisherman could need and want for a day on the water. Coming in at 33 inches wide the Hobie Outback is a very stable fishing kayak capable of standing and sight casting while out on the water for those days drifting down the flats. While being 33 inches wide the outback still maintains a high maneuverability as well as good cruising speed averaging 3mph with a steady pace and up to 6 mph at a full out pace so really what more could you ask for in a kayak? Speed, stability and maneuverability.

 Features For The 2016 Hobie Outback


The 2016 outback also sports the new CT vantage seat which is extremely comfortable as well as adjustable having adjustments for lumbar, recline as well as 3 levels of height adjustment to really dial in total comfort for hours of enjoyment on the water without getting that sore back side.  

Rod Holders 

For the fisherman out there the outback comes with 4 molded In rod holders and two side molded trays to hold rods as well as other items so you are not scrambling to find your pliers or fishgrips. 


The front hatch of the kayak offers ample room to stow additional gear such as wet weather clothing or even more spare tackle if needed. 

The center hatch located between your legs on the deck has multiple options to allow additional storage as well so not enough storage space is never a problem while in the Hobie Outback! 

So all in all the hobie outback is an excellent option with the fisherman in mind. 

Options For The Hobie Outback

There are several other options built in like the lowrance ready plate on the bottom to hold your transducer as well as plugs to allow easy installation of your favorite sonar unit without having to drill holes. 

Conclusion On The 2016 Hobie Outback

The overall specs of the 2016 hobie outback are a total length of 12 feet , weighing in at 99lbs with the drive unit installed, and a weight capacity of 400lbs. so if your in the market for a new fishing kayak take the time to check out the hobie outback as a viable option for your next or even first fishing kayak.

--- American Yaker Nathan Menteer 

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