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10 Ways To Use Craigslist To Get Tremendous Value On Your Fishing Gear

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Get Tremendous Value When Buying Fishing Gear

1) Look For Value -  There are many ways to capture value.  You capture value when you get something you want for way less then you would be willing to pay for it or for what it would otherwise be on the market, you get it with how you feel about what you get, and much more, check out this video posted on youtube by "The Value Plan".

2) Custom Gear-  Many people go through great lengths to customize their fishing gear.  Props to  them because you can often find some really badass and creative gear on craigslist.  This applies to everything from rods, to lures, to boats. Craigslist is a great place to find things that have been customized to the extreme. 

The custom Jon Boat below was purchased by Bullbuster's founder on craigslist.  It cost $1,000 and he sold it a year later for $1,000.  


12 feet 

15 HP Engine

Trailer Included

Customizations Included: 

50 Gallon Live Well

12 Rod Holders

Depth Sounder

Trollling Motor Mount 

Bow Storage

Blue Underwater LED Lights

Species Caught On It:  



- 400 Lb Bullshark 

- Blackfin Tuna

- Tarpon

- Sea Trout 

& More...

Average Gas Per Trip: 


3) Buy Reels - Keep your eye out for sets of reels, you can often get great deals on very lightly used reels on craigslist. 

4) Buy A Project Rod 

How To Repair Your Fishing Rod

There are always rods galore  on craigslist.  If you are looking for a nice rod to re-wrap and turn into a personalized custom rod, or just learn how to wrap your own rod, there are are plenty of old rods floating around craigslist. 

5) Buy A Small Boat Or Kayak 

 Ok, heads up here ( you will need to do plenty of your own homework when buying a boat off of craigslist ).  When it comes to buying a Jon Boat or a Kayak this is a great place to be looking. 

6) Easy Way To Gear Up Your Whole Boat - You will often find someone who just sold their boat and are selling all of their gear.  You can find great deals on a setup for you entire boat.  The seller is usually looking to get rid of everything at once so you can often negotiate the price when buying everything. It is a win win, it saves them time, lowers their risk that they will be stuck with something random and not worth their time to sell, and saves you money and time. 

7) Negotiate 

 Price is always negotiable, even in a store if you talk to the right person.  However, on craigslist  it is often easier to negotiate a good deal. Don’t be unreasonable, but don’t be lazy and not ask.  Check out this video posted by "BenzigerBuys" on Youtube about how to negotiate on Craigslist. 

8) Rare Items -  This isn’t EBAY, but you still may be able to find some great rare items that people have locally.  These are the type of items that you can’t find in a store.  Maybe its an antique reel, or a model that you need for fishing somewhere else that your local tackle store doesn’t carry.  If you are  going on vacation and need some gear. Try checking out craigslist before you get there. 

9) Get Gear Where You Are Traveling 

  Lets say you are going to a city for either work or pleasure and you want to bring some gear.  Its going to cost you $100.00 to check your rod case into the plane JUST FOR ONE WAY!  Its often better to look up some localized craigslist results before you get there and make some offers.  If you are there long enough, you can often sell the gear back to someone else on craigslist. If you are good at negotiating and sales, you may even be able to make a profit on it after you use it. Talk about value

10) If You Need Gear For A Short Time You Can Sell It Back Again -  New fishing gear looses its value the second it comes off the shelf.  Used gear kinda hits a price where its not going to go up in value, but it will not go down to much either.  

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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