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10 Times You'll Be Glad You Had A Wind-On Leader

Author: Bullbuster Team

When & Why You Should Use A Wind-On Leader

1) High Speed Trolling For Wahoo 

Wind-On Leader For Wahoo

If you are going to be high speed-trolling for wahoo, a wind-on leader is a must.  Not only does the wind-on leader act as a shock absorber, but the ability to wind heavier leader on to your reel makes the gaff man's job a lot easier at the end game. 

2) Trolling For Billfish

Wind On Leader For Marlin

If you are not using a wind-on leader when you fish for billfish, you are already at a disadvantage. The wind-on leader lets the leader man and the angler work together for the release. The leader man can help the angler gain line and the angler can catch up to him make it much safer for the mate, the angler, and the fish. 

3) Deep Dropping

Wind On Leader For Deep Dropping

When you are deep dropping, you really want to pack as much braid as possible on your reel.  Using a wind-on leader allows you to pack that reel full, and lets you connect your deep drop rigs to mono, which is much easier and safer to work with.  Don't get your fingers cut off by one accidental click of an electric reel button and some thin and strong braid. 

4) Shark Fishing Offshore

Wind On Leader For Shark Fishing

If you are shark fishing offshore for big makos or threshers, having a wind-on leader is a must. It makes the end game on these powerful animals that much easier. 

5) Fishing For Swordfish At Night

Wind On Leader For Night Time Swordfishing

It all comes down to the end game here.  Get your gaff man and angler to work together with the wind-on leader.  Swordfish are very powerful and often come to the boat SWINGING!  You want as much control as you can get with these fish, but remember, they have soft mouths, so don't you go and yanking to hard and loosing a big fish right at the end. 

6) Landbased Shark Fishing

Wind On Leader For Landbased Shark Fishing

Wind-On leaders can help the end game on a big shark happen much quicker.  This is especially true on a really wavy day. Think of this as a chance for your leader man to get a grip on your fish way earlier in the game.  For some sharks this can make a 30min difference in a fight.  Many sharks get their second wind as the approach the wash!

7) Fishing For Swordfish During The Day

Wind On Leader For Daytime Swordfishing

Fishing for swordfish during the day requires a specialized wind-on.  Check out our pre-made daytime swordfish wind-ons here at

8) Using Small Reels For Big Game Fishing

Going for big fish with a small reel with a lot of kick, like an avet or an accurate?  Pack your reel to the top with braid and add a wind-on leader for the end-game. 

9) Long Range Tuna Fishing

Going fishing for tuna on a long range boat?  A wind-on leader can help you handle your fish on the railing!

10) That Time You Won't Have To Say I Wish I Had A Wind On

Would you rather tell a fish story about that time that you wish you had the wind-on leader, or would you like a picture with the fish?

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