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10 Things You Can Get Your Fishing Obsessed Boyfriend For Valentines Day

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Valentines Gifts For Fishermen

Below you will find a list of things that you can get your fishing obsessed boyfriend for Valentines Day.  We've included 10 ideas that range from less than $5.00 to priceless.  You will also find links to articles that break down gift ideas for less than $25.00, less than $50.00, and less than $100.00. 

10 Valentines Day Gifts For A Fisherman

1) Go Fishing With Him

2) Outfish Him 

Catch a bigger fish than him and rub it in!  #GirlsWhoFish

3) Send Him A Picture Of You Wearing Grundens 

10 Gifts For Your Fishing Obsessed Boyfriend For Under $25.00

4) Learn A New Knot 

Best Knots To Tie Line To A Hook

Best Knots For Braid To Mono Connections

Best Knots For Monofilament To Fluorocarbon

5) Get Him A Lure For His Favorite Type Of Fish

Use the articles below to help you figure out what that is:

5 Best Snook Lures

What Is The Best Snook Lure?

Best Lures For Bluefin Tuna

Lures For Bluefin Tuna

Best Lures For Mahi

Lures For Mahi

Best Lures For Back Country Fishing

6) Help His Reels Look Fresh

Its scientifically proven that when your reels have fresh fishing line on them that they look up to 10 times better, well sometimes 100 times. 

Use the tool below in combination with talking with one of our team members to figure out what type of line they may need. 

Click The Image To Find The Line Capacities

Find Out The Line Capacity Of Any Fishing Reel

10 Gifts For Your Fishing Obsessed Boyfriend For Under $50.00

7) Take A Vacation With Him To A Fishing Destination

Hawaii Fishing

Nowadays you can practically be a local in many places around the world using websites like Airbnb and connecting to the world back home with wifi.   Just make sure it is somewhere where there is good fishing. 

8) Stock Him Up On The Essentials 

So there is a big difference between essentials and non-essentials when it comes to fishing. There are some things he is always going to need and if he has them he is ready to go fishing. 

Below are two things that every fishermen needs in his arsenal: 

1) A Set Of Leader Material

There are lots of different types of fish to catch and sometimes one will will swim by that you were not expecting.  Because of this, most fishermen prefer to have a number of leader spools of different LB tests ready to go in their tackle bag. 

2) Terminal Tackle (Swivels)

Swivels are used for lots of different types of fishing and have many different applications ( Learn 10 Uses For Swivels)

Below is a link to our complete swivel kit. This box has a swivel for pretty much every type of fishing and will last him A LONG TIME. 

Complete Swivel Kit

Complete Swivel Kit In Plastic Tackle Box

9) Ask A Bullbuster Ambassador 

10) Send Him A Picture Of You Posing With HIs Fishing Gear.... Or Yours

10 Gifts For Your Fishing Obsessed Boyfriend For Under $100.00

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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