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10 Innovative US Fishing YouTube Channels

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10 Innovative US Fishing YouTube Channels

  1. 1) Chew On This Fishing  - Chew On This is the first major fishing Youtube channel in the US.  Captain Ben Chancey’s show was the first to show the world the epic fighting Goliath Grouper on Youtube.  His show Youtube channel went viral after continuous coverage on mainstream media channels. 

  2. 2) BlacktipH -  Canadian fisherman Joshua Jorgenson started his Youtube channel with a head strapped camera before Go Pro Camera’s were even invented. First witnessing the blacktip migration from his families vacation house in West Palm Beach, Joshua’s Youtube channel organically grew on the web with his genuine passion for all the new fish that he witnessed while filming his show. The show has grown to the largest fishing show on Youtube and continues to grow with collaborations with other Youtube Channels & TV shows and celebrities including Donald Trump Jr. 


  1. 3) LandSharkFishingTV - LandsharkTV started with publicity from a large hammerhead its founder Viktor Hluben caught.  The show has continued to grow in popularity as Viktor cohosts with his wife and fellow Youtuber “Brookie Christ”. 

  2. 4) Roman Castro Vlog - This show, based in Southern California mainly focuses on inshore fishing in in SOCAL and in Baja.  Roman also has created an innovative nightly fishing show/happy hour called “Fishy Hour”.  

      5) Deer Meat For Dinner - Deer meat for dinner started as a hunting show, but has had some great fishing in it over the years.  Deer meat for dinner is one of the first shows to have the cook your catch format. 

      6) The Technical Fisherman- The technical fisherman is one of the major innovators of the “How To Youtube Video Segment”.  He produces some of the best videos on Youtube about how to tie knots. 

       7) Inside Sportfishing - This Southern Californian show started by Michael Folkes as a TV Show and successfully transitioned to Youtube, this show covers offshore fishing in Southern California as well as Sportfishing history. 

       8) Epic Trout - Epic trout and rock music, this is the ultimate trout fishing channel. 

      9) Milliken Fishing - If you are a freshwater fisherman, this should be a good channel to surf.  

    10) Monster Mike Fishing - South Florida fisherman Monster Mike started without a computer running an instagram channel off of his Android phone focusing on a unique mix of comedy, viral videos and Peacock Bass and now has one of the largest fishing Youtube Channels.


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