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10 Gifts (Under $50) For Your Fishing Obsessed Boyfriend

Author: Bullbuster Team

Gifts For A Fishermen That Are Less Than $50.00

If they've ever made a statement like the one in the meme below, then this is the right article for you. 

1) Set Of Fluorocarbon 

Every fishermen wants a set of fluorocarbon even if they won't admit it. (Fluorocarbon is a little bit pricier than regular monofilament leader material but its worth it). Fluorocarbon is a line that is virtually invisible underwater compared to regular fishing line.  Get them a set of 50 yard spools (20Lb , 30Lb, 40Lb, 50Lb).  Its one of those things that they might be "skeptical" about but believe us if you put a spool of this and a spool of monofilament in their hands they are going to be using this every time. 

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2) A Full Set Of Lures For His Favorite Type Of Fish With A Tackle Box

Find out what type of fishing they do and get a lure for favorite species. Below are a few links to resources with to help you figure out what lure to get. 

5 Best Snook Lures

Click the image below to see the best snook lures.  Get them a set with several different colors.  When fishermen are not catching anything they often change the size, color and shape of their lures to see which one the fish are looking for. 

Lures For An Offshore Big Game Fisherman 

If they are an offshore "big game fisherman you may want to take a look at the lures below.  The article is about Bluefin tuna, but the lures in it will work for pretty much any big game fishermen. Get them a set of these lures.  They will be used faster than you think. 

Best Artificials For Bluefin Tuna

Trolling Lures

Get them a set of trolling lures if they go offshore and like to "troll" . If you click the image below you will find an article on tackle for catching mahi.  The advice in this article will also work for other offshore species that they are "trolling" for. 

What Is The Best Trolling Lure For Mahi?

Lures For "Inshore Fishermen"

If they are an "inshore" or "flats fisherman" then they definitely use a lot of lures. Look for a set of "soft plastics" , topwater lures, or buck tail jigs.  Inshore fishermen go through these rapidly so the more the better!

Top Inshore Lures

3) A Water Proof Bag

The next few items in this list are about keeping things dry!  A happy fisherman is dry and so is his gear.  The bag below can not only keep tackle from getting wet and corroding, but it can also keep a warm sweater and a dry shirt, these are can be more useful than you will ever know unless you personally experience fishing on a wet and cold winter day. 

Water Proof Bag For Fisherman

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4) A Set Of Face Shields

Fishermen have wised up nowadays and know that too much sun can do long term damage.  Using a face shield is a great option to stay protected. 

Face Shields For Fishing

5) Water Proof Case For Their Phone 

You want to be able to reach them right?  This is probably a good investment. 

Water Proof Case For Phone

6)  Foul Weather Gear (Jacket)

Alright, one last gift for staying dry (yea its that important).  The jacket below will make for a happy fisherman. 

Rain Jacket For Fishermen

7) Complete Set Of Plastic Tackle Boxes

Fishermen can never have enough of these.  At Bullbuster we are are big proponent of "Grab & Go Boxes" for different species. Get them a big assortment of plastic tackle boxes and they will be using them for years!

Plastic Tackle Boxes For Fishing

8) A Tackle Bag

A tackle bag is an excellent way to organize all of those disparate plastic tackle boxes.  

Fishing Tackle Bag

9) A Spinning Reel

Fishing Gear Meme

Ok, this one isn't below $50.00 but you can get a decent one for less than $70.00 . Get them a spinning reel and they will appreciate it. Check out the ones below:

Spinning Reel

10) Set Of Spooling Tools

Fishermen need to change out the fishing line their reels every few months.   Changing the line on reels can be EXTREMELY time consuming especially if you don't have the right tools.  Using the tools below will speed up the process by up to 400%.  Below we recommend two tools for them.  The first tool is to take line off of their reel, the second is to put it back on. 

The Bullbuster Line Stripper - 

This tool when connected to a basic power drill makes taking line off of a fishing reel a breeze!

Fishing Line Stripper

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it will make their life. 

Below is the SUCTION CUP LINE SPOOLER.  This tool makes it easy for one person to spool a reel (it usually take two) , the tool allows for the fisherman to choose the proper tension when spooling their reel.  Using the proper tension is extremely important when spooling a because if line goes on too loosely it can dig into itself when a big fish is hooked. 

Suction Cup Line Spooler

Below is a video of the Bullbuster line spooler in action. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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