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10 Gifts For Your Fishing Obsessed Boyfriend (Under $25.00)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Gifts For Fishermen Under $25.00

If they've ever made a statement like the one in the meme below, then this is the right article for you. 

1) Line Stripper

The line strippers are a great tool to make taking line off of reels a lot easier.  Fishermen often change their line every few months to re-spool with fresher and less weathered line.  Without a line stripper this can be a very time consuming process. 

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2) Lure For Their Favorite Species

Find out what type of fishing they do and get a lure for favorite species. Below are a few links to resources with to help you figure out what lure to get. 

5 Best Snook Lures

Best Lures For Bluefin Tuna

Best Lures For Mahi

Best Lures For Back Country Fishing

Lures For Inshore Fishing

3) A Reel Cover For Their Favorite Reel 

If they have a very expensive reel, getting a reel cover that will fit it will keep it from getting scuffed up. 

Reel Covers

4) A Face Shield 

Fishermen have wised up nowadays and know that too much sun can do long term damage.  Using a face shield is a great option to stay protected. 

Multi-Use Face Shield


5) Rod Straps

Rod straps are great for transporting a bunch of rods at once. 

Rod Straps

6) Plastic Tackle Storage Boxes

No fisherman can have enough tackle boxes to organize their gear. 

Plastic Tackle Boxes

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7) Bucket Clips

These are a neat invention that make tackle storage much easier for both pier and boat fishermen. 

Rig Clips For Bucket

8) Set Of Leader Material (20Lb, 30Lb, 40Lb, & 50 Lb)

The LB tests mentioned above are pretty standard sizes that everyone should have. 

There are lots of different types of fish to catch and sometimes one will will swim by that you were not expecting.  Because of this, most fishermen prefer to have a number of leader spools of different LB tests ready to go in their tackle bag.  

Mono Leader

9) Water Proof Case For Their Phone 

You want to be able to reach them right?  This is probably a good investment. 

Inexpensive Water Proof Phone Case

10) Croakies

Do they always loose their sunglasses?  This may be a good gift then.

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