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10 Fishing Destinations In The United States

Author: Bullbuster Team

10 Fishing Destinations In The United States

1) Long Range Fishing For Tuna  In San Diego -

San Diego has the worlds largest live bait fishery with some of the most impressive recreational fishing infrastructure in the world. San Diego's tuna fleet went from a world class commercial fishery to a world class recreational fishery.  Here anglers take trips up to 22 days to chase big tunas south in Mexico off of exotic pacific banks and atolls. The fleet is serviced by top of the line fish processors, and includes a fleet of some of the worlds best fishing platforms including state rooms, chefs, and more. 

There are three launching areas for going on a long range tuna boat in San Diego, two are right next to each other in the famous Point Loma (La Playa) area, these are Fisherman's Landing and H&M Landing. In the Mission Bay area there is Seaforth Landing. 

Boats are fully equipped with electronics including depth sounders, sonar, and side scanning sonar.  Below is a clip aboard the Tomahawk of their wheelhouse at night. 

If you are not able to make the long range trips, a good way to experience the fleet for the first time is on a one day tuna trip. Below is a video of the Bullbuster Team fishing aboard the Liberty. In this video Fiona Ciliotta catches her first bluefin tuna. 

Below are a few resources on this fishery. 

List Of Long Range Tuna Boats In San Diego

Schedule For Long Range Tuna Boats In San Diego

2) Oahu Hawaii Fishing For Monster Ahi -

Oahu Hawaii not only has the largest population in Hawaii so you will find many amenities, but it is also the location where you will find some of the worlds best Ahi fishing.  Ahi is the Hawaiian word for yellowfin tuna. Ahi in Oahu can exceed 300 Lbs.   Below are some resources for traveling to Oahu to fish for yellowfin tuna.  Below is a resource for the fishing seasons in Oahu. 

Fishing Seasons In Hawaii

Oahu Fishing Seasons

3) Kona Hawaii Fishing For Monster Marlin -  Kona is the only location in the world where it is possible to catch a Grander Marlin every month of the year. What is also great about Kona fishing is the islands mountains block most of the winds so it is usually calm as well.  Some of the worlds most famous tournaments take place on the Island of Kona including the HIBT (Hawaii International Billfish Tournament).   Hawaii is unique in that there is a mix between a recreational and commercial fleet that is found nowhere else in the US.  Below is a video from the local Milani tournament. 

4) - Venice Louisiana Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna On The Oil Rigs

Venice louisiana has some of the worlds best yellowfin tuna fishing. It is also a unique fishing location.  Check out the venice marina below, it is literally a floating fish camp. 

Your charter will pick you up from your floating house and head out the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico.  Below is what the run looks like on the way out of the river. 

 You will be targeting yellowfin around oil rigs either with live bait, lures, or by chunking. Below is a nice Yellowfin tuna caught aboard Cpt. Jeff Scheider's contender. 

If the yellowfin bite is not going off, you also have access to some of the countries most underrated bottom fishing. The Gulf Of Mexico is full of American Red Snapper like the one in the video below: 

5) Miami Kite Fishing For Sailfish -

Miami is the premier kite fishing destination in the US. You will target these sailfish by kite fishing.  Kite fishing has become a science in South Florida.  This is because come sailfish season the charter boats are kite fishing EVERY day and in different conditions.  

The top two boats in Miami for sailfish are L&H Sportfishing & Double Threat Charters

L&H Sportfishing

Double Threat Charters

6) Sanibel Florida  Fishing For Monster Sharks - 

Offshore fishing in Sanibel can be great including big snappers and groupers. It is also home to some BIG tiger sharks!

Tiger Sharks In Sanibel Florida

7) Port Charlotte Florida Fishing For Snook, Redfish, & Tarpon

The gulf coast of Florida has some great fishing for snook and redfish and tarpon. Hire aPort Charlotte Charter Boatand get out fishing!


Big Bully Outdoors Fishing For Redfish

8) Hilton Head, SC Shark Fishing - 

Hilton Head South Carolina has some excellent shark fishing.  Book a charter with Cpt. Chip Michalove to catch a monster!

Hilton Head SC Shark Fishing Charter

9) Bottom Fishing In The Florida Keys - 

The Florida Keys has an extensive reef system and some of the best bottom fishing for snappers and groupers.  Book A Key West Fishing Charter

Key West Fishing Charter

10) Kayak Fishing For Mako Sharks In Orange County California -

Orange county has some amazing fishing opportunities to target yellowtail, calico bass, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, swordfish and more.  One of its most unique fisheries is juvenile mako shark fishery. These can be targeted by kayak. 

Juvenile Mako Shark From A Kayak

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