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Monofilament Topshot -- Major Key To Success

Author: Bullbuster Team

What Is A Mono Top Shot Anyways?

Using mono topshots for your reels is a great way to keep fresh line on your reel, and get it done fast.   Below are a few reasons why mono-topshots can help you spend more fishing. 

Reasons Why You Need A Mono Topshot

1) You Will Use Less Mono : 

 If you are a hardcore fisherman that spends a lot of time fishing, even the best mono can get wear and tear quickly.  Pulling on big fish can give your line memory, especially when you are fishing with heavy drag.  A lot of contact with structure can lead to nicks in your line, and extended exposure to sunlight is your mono's worst enemy.  

   Every serious fisherman changes their mono at least every few months, some tournament fishermen will change their line at the end of every day to take no chances.  With braided backing, you can still change your line that hits the water often, but you won't go through as much line since your braid will have very little contact with water.


2) Change Out Your Line More Rapidly 

Changing your topshot is a lot faster than spooling your whole reel.  The goal is to be back on the water with fresh line and your game face on.  Not to spend hours spooling your reels. 

Check out #BullbusterAmbassador Landshark Fishing's video that describes it in depth.  We go into this topic in depth below the video as well. 

3) Improved Abrasion Resistance   

Having a mono topshot can allow you to have a beefier line facing the fish and the elements, without sacrificing line capacity.  This will allow you to fish heavy drag on even smaller reels. 

Check Out The Following Resources To Figure Out What You Need For Your Topshot:


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