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How Weather Can Affect The Bite.

Author: Ryan Carson

Learn How Weather Impacts Fishing

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Along with choosing the right location,  time of day and what bait or lure to fish with, weather also plays a huge roll for maximizing your chances for success.

Most people see bad weather as a sign to stay home and not head down to the beach, river or lake for fishing. But in reality sometimes bad weather can provide the most successful fishing you experience all year. Of course tons of people think 85 degrees mostly sunny and 0% chance of rain is a good day to go fishing. It might be there are tons of other factors that may make that day great. But sometimes that 30 mph winds and cold rain hitting you in the face might just be the perfect condition to catch the big fish. Don’t believe me ask around to a few people who fish in those conditions.

 Fish have very good sense about the weather and passing fronts and pressure changes could allow for some great fishing opportunities. The weather ahead of cold fronts will have decreasing pressure which tends to lead to more favorable fishing conditions from my experience. A good example that you might see more often than with fish is deer tend to be more active as well before a storm comes in. The change in pressure is sensed and they can feel the change. The same thing goes for fish.

Warm fronts also offer up ideal fishing conditions. Lower pressure and weaker winds will bring fish closer to the surface and make them more active. .

Rain can affect how well the fish are biting as well. Fishing during a light rain makes casting lines more discreet. Insects are also more likely to be out flying near the surface of the water during or immediately following a light rain, which will bring fish closer to the

Surface and make them more susceptible to being caught. Rain can also cause anything that is sitting up on shore or a bank to be washed into the water allowing for more feeding opportunities. When it’s raining I like to use top water lures to imitate a bug being knocked down into the water.

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