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How To Catch Pinfish!!!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Catching Pinfish For Bait

If you want to learn how to catch pinfish, well then you came to the right place. The video above goes along with article. 

Pinfish make killer baits for a variety of species both inshore and offshore. Whether you use them for snook and reds, or grouper and snapper they are must have bait!

Tackle shops often charge around $1 per pinfish!! No thanks! I'll catch my own. 

#1 Location

Where To Find Pinfish
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 Pinfish like structure and sea grass. They can be found all the way  from the northern stretches of Florida down top the Florida keys, and if you find sea grass pinfish are sure to be near! They also like channel markers, docks, mangrove lines and other hard structure. 

#2 Methods of catching Pinfish

The #1 method is to use a cast net. Any cast net from 4ft (shallow water) to as large a net you can throw will work. Mesh can be anything from 1/4 to 1in. When approaching an area I think pinfish might be, I will first stare at the water and look to see them flashing in grass, or schooling up. They are schooling fish and where theres one theres more. Keep blind casting until you start catching them. If you are throwing in the grass, you should be in the bait. Another slower method, better in deeper water is to rod an reel them. A chicken rig or saki rig with small hooks in the #6 size or smaller (long shank) preferred will work. Cast near sand patches by grass, channel markers or other structure, with squid or shrimp as bait. You do not need a big piece of bait, they have small mouthes and your catch rate will go up if you use small bite size pieces. Third is to use a pinfish trap, this is best if you have a lot of time and can provide you with bait all the time. The pinfish will go in the trap and be stuck there for days at a time. 

#3 Tips

A method I have not tried, but have heard a lot of is to poke a few holes in a can of cat-food and let it lay for 15 mins then to throw your net over the can and you should have a good amount of pinfish in it. 

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