Fishing Report:

WPBFC Blackfin Blitz Tournament Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

The West Palm Beach Fishing Club held its first Blackfin Blitz Tournament and was a huge success. There were a total of 67 teams all targeting blackfin Tuna from Stuart, FL down to Miami, FL. We were greeted by flat claim conditions, a slight breeze and sunny skies.

We decided to work the waters out of our home port Boynton Beach, FL. Within the past few weeks we have been getting hooked up consistently with blackfins. This time of year April/May we typically start to see the larger blackfins push through the area. However it is not always to get them to bite when you need them to. So lets dive into our game plan!


Size 30 conventional reels with 20lb Bullbuster mono on RD Live Bait Custom Rods.

Leader- 30lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon

Hook size: Extra strong 1 or 2; smaller the better to hide the hook.

Kites, Kite electric reels.

Bait: Live Pilchards, Live Sardines, and Live Gog’s

Now that we covered some of the basic gear, where to fish is next.  From the “Martini Glass” up to the “Old Ritz” in 300-175ft has been the hot bite for us. Also Kite fishing on a drift has been the desired approach. With the current pushing us to the north and many days with a east/southeast wind we are able to cover different water depths as well.

We fly at least one kite with three baits and on the others side of the boat we get a few flat lines out with egg weights to cover the water column.

Also keep in mind the best time to target blackfin’s is in lower light conditions. Either the early morning or late afternoon seem to be the ideal times of the day.

We got the bite we were looking for at 8:45am. We knew it was a solid fish! He worked us hard and we were thrilled to have him going to the box!

Ended up taking 2nd place and the blackfin weighed 27.3lbs. Outstanding day and tournament!!

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