Fishing Report:

"Woah.... That One's A Thumper"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Thump thump..... Thump thump.... If you have ever caught a large drum you know the sound. The beat of a drum is such a awesome thing to hear. The largest the fish the deeper the sound. Large black drums can have the coolest drum beat around. Capable of hearing it from many yards away. A remarkable trait to all drum species. Even your speckled trout is actually in the drum family. Making it more closely related to a red fish the a rainbow trout. When fishing for large black drum we use blue crab. Whole of cut in half which ever you prefer. Hook being a 6/0 circle hook tied to bullbuster fluro leader and a 4-6oz pyramid weight. There is many ways to catch them but this is a way we have that is proven to work. Many large drums are filled with worms so eating them is kinda out the picture for our house holds. Some don't mind but I prefer not to eat them. With the large ones we will use for shark bait or simply a quick picture. This one was a lucky one and was quickly let go to reproduce. Conservation always at mind. For every 4 we may keep one this helps to keep on catching them. I want my family to be able to catch these fish for years to come. When they grab your bait you better hold on. The fight is typically about the same as a red. The thing I have noticed is that black drum pull harder on their first two runs. They give up alot faster though then a red. After about 3 runs you typically have the fish in the net by then. So get out there with your reels and catch you one. You will be happy you did. This one was almost the size of my wife! Granted she isn't the tallest and only about 5'0 but that's a big fish. Enjoy. #TeamDorsal 

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