Fishing Report:

Winter Wahoo South Florida Style.

Author: L&H Sportfishing


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Late winter and early spring can be a great time of year to catch big wahoo off south Florida!!! This time of year we fish for them with live baits fished from kites and flat lines.    Goggle Eyes, blue Runners, cigar minnows, pilchards and herring are some of our favorites but anything alive will do the trick.   A short piece of wire attached to the hook is a must.  We use clear bullbuster 50 pound mono to finish off the leader.   

Miami Wahoo

The best depth is 120-250 ft but wahoo can be anywhere!!!  Just the other day we were fishing in 120 ft off Miami when a big wahoo crashed on a live goggle eye dangling from a kite!!  20 pound bullbuster kite vis melted off the reel!!  The fish raced offshore and the L&H raced into the stiff winds in an effort to keep up!  The strain on the kite was multiplied significantly with the boats forward momentum nonetheless our 50 pound bullbuster mono held fast!!  About fifteen minutes later we pulled a beautiful fifty pound wahoo over the rail of our Key Biscayne charter boat the L&H!   

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