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Winter Bass Fishing - 2020

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Maryland Winter Largemouth Fishing

It was a cold February morning here in Maryland. Temperatures low forty's and a chilled wind. We headed over to our local Reservoir to try our luck at some winter bass fishing. Upon arriving we were super stoked to see that the surface
of the water wasn't iced over. It did rain the night before so the clarity of the water was that of chocolate milk. This particular body of water is a high-pressure zone so the murkiness of the water is just what it takes to get a bite from one of the larger bass. My plan of action was to throw a lipless crankbait around yo-yoing it off the bottom hoping to put it right in front of a largemouth's face and get that reaction strike. I ended up covering a ton of water and throwing the lipless for a few hours without a single strike. 

Watch Us Catch Winter Maryland Largemouth On Video

Teammate Elli had a far different approach at the other end of the spectrum. She chose to throw subtle finesse baits and work them very slowly in tight to the bank and structure such as lay downs and stick ups. She pitched her quarter ounce wildeye minnow curly tail along a particular lay down and missed a bite, promptly retrieving and casting a back to the exact same spot the fish struck again and she was on! She knew it was a nice size largemouth due to its weight as she pulled it off of the structure. After landing and de-hooking the best she called me over for some quick pictures and stated that the body temp of the best was very cold. It was a success, in fact it was the first bass of her 2020 freshwater season. 

Maryland Winter Largemouth

We stayed for a few more hours fishing until we couldn't bear the code anymore. I came to the conclusion that my lipless crankbait was invoking some kind of lockjaw on the bass in this body of water. Teammate Elli however have a few more strikes to her finesse bait but didn't manage to hook up and land any of them. From the bites and the fish that Elli did catch we managed to find a pattern. So in the near future we plan on returning and trying to replicate that pattern and see how it pans out. As long as the surface of the water isn't hard  you can find us out there casting. Also you can check out a video of this day on YouTube at Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing. I'm also receiving a package from Bullbuster, of some light monos so expect to see reviews of that in the near future and as always make sure you're properly prepared during these inclement weather conditions so you can spend more time fishing.

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