Fishing Report:

Winds Are High But The Fish Are Chewin!

Author: Tyler Feijoo

20 mile an hour wind, 22 foot pathfinder, and a dead cell phone.  No problem.

Went out with my buddy Justin the day before the storm in 20 mph winds and Bill in his 2200 V Pathfinder Tournament edition. Before i start with the report let me tell you those boats ARE SOLID AND EAT CHOP. 

Fishing Report: Black Drum.

We headed south and got out of the wind! Soaked some shrimp with a half ounce split shot about a foot up from shrimp and killed the Black Drum ! Only got one on picture before phone died ! 

black drum

They only got bigger!

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If you enjoyed this article, check out Capt. Chip Michalove of Outcast Fishing, a great article about catching Black Drum in a lagoon.  He takes advantage of a hurricane evacuation and gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to fish a lagoon that is usually unavailable.  After struggling with jigs and lures, Capt. Chip ends up scrambling for live bait at the last minute while every store is closed.  A friendly neighbor comes through for him in the clutch and he is able to get some live shrimp and haul in a huge Black Drum and some Redfish

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