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Will Sharks Eat Chicken?

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Can You Catch A Shark Using Chicken?

The media and our current culture makes sharks out to be ruthless hungry killing machines. License plates, legs and other abnormal items have been found inside sharks stomachs.

Well after a good run of blacktip sharks at our local beaches, I wanted to perform a test of my own and see just how selective or un selective these fish are.

We got to the beach around sundown with publix chicken thighs and jack crevalle for bait! I wanted to perform an experiment and see if the biomass of sharks that was lurking in the would go for the tasty thighs!

Fishing For Blacktips?
We wanted to know if feeding frenzy blacktips would each chicken, we were surprised by the results.

We got rods out before dark, but the bite started very slowly. To make the experiment fair we casted both chicken and the jack chunk about equal distances and we also used about the exact same size bait and the exact same rig on both rods. 

Bait For Blacktip Sharks
The sharks passed up the chicken and went straight for the jack crevasse again and again!

After about 30 minutes of having baits in the water and no bites, we decided to recast and put out fresh baits. The second round it did not take very long to get tight and it was the rod with the jack crevalle on it that got hit. After a quick 10min fight we caught and released a healthy midsize blacktip shark. We caught a few more sharks on the rod with jack crevalle on it and did not get a single run on the rod with the chicken thighs! It goes to show you that sharks are highly skilled hunters and have a great sense of smell. They aren't trash cans that will eat any protein that goes their way! 

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