Fishing Report:

Where Are The Fish?

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

Slow Fishing In Spruce Creek!

Jumping Juvenile Tarpon

The fishing in the New Smyrna Beach and Spruce Creek area has been quite slow these past few days. I think that the water temperature has been too high as well as having an excess amount of runoff from the rainfall. This has made the water very dirty and very rough.

The bridges have been slowing down but the bite has been steady. I have been hearing of redfish, snook and tarpon as well as the occasional goliath grouper coming off of the fenders.The two lures we have been throwing the most have been 5-6 inch tsunami swimbaits and 2oz flairhawks

The backwaters of spruce creek have been surprisingly slow these past few days. I have only caught a few small snook and small redfish. I believe the fishing has slowed down due to the dirty water and fast current generated by runoff from excessive rainfall. The two lures i have been throwing are a green mirrodine and a rootbeer chartreuse DOA CAL on a 1/4oz jighead.

However, there are a few saltwater ponds by my house and there has been non stop action at these locations. The tarpon bite has been incredible. However I have not been able to land any of these fish. I hooked into 15 or 16 fish ranging from the 1-2 foot range and they all spit by hook within the first minute of the fight. The lure I have found that works the best are DOA CAL's in the Pearl White color with a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jighead.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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