Fishing Report:

When Life Gives You Lemons

Author: Team Reel Deal

  • Land- Based Fishing: Lemon & Blacktips

    Lemon Shark

We started off the day a little late we were all feeling a little lazy that day but we got our gear packed and the bait in the truck and headed to the beach about 30 min away to try a new spot we found. We got everything set up and started running baits out. The day started off slow with not much going on. About 2 hours later we landed a decent size blacktip on my new tiagra 80w. We had about 4 runs after that and my buddy Joe got hooked up but the hook pulled in the surf. So we got new baits and tied our bricks on and we were kayaking baits again. Wasn't 15 min after dropping baits we got hooked up to another blacktip and a couple more runs. The blacktips were really thick that day so it was hard to get a big shark. About 2 hours before dark I ran my 50 and 80 w back out. Once again no action for another hour. My buddy told me to go and get my other 50w and he would yak the bait out for me and I'm glad I did. We put a whole ray on and right before dark the reel started screaming. It took about 20 min to get him in without a harness which sucks by the way. We landed this lemon and measured it 9 ft 1in what a day I was very blessed that weekend to be able to catch 2 blacktips and my first big lemon shark. If your looking to purchase bullbuster fishing line please use our promo code cjone to get 10% off your order. Tight lines my friends.

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