Fishing Report:

West Winds And Full Moons

Author: Angler Management Fishing

Fluorocarbon and Chum Slicks.

Here in SE FL we get mad at the full moon phases and the west winds because they shut off the bite. A trick for us that seems to work more times than not is to head out really deep and start a chum slick, calling the fish in, far out enough where the sharks aren't a bother. 

Patience is a Virtue, make sure to wait to put the hook in the water.

When the fish show up, be patient and don't just start throwing hooks in the water, keep feeding them and wait until it grows. Use light bullbuster 40 pound leader with a small 5-6/0 circle hook and a frisky live bait, when the one you want shows up, he'll eat. This 40 pound mahi today was evidence of that. The BB fluoro held up perfectly!!

40 pound mahi caught in South East Florida

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