Fishing Report:

West Palm Peacock Bass Fishing!!

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Cute Little Baby Pea

Peacock Put A Good Fight!

Hello fellow people! Coming back with a new location I went fishing for some bass. So I went to West Palm Beach for 5 days with my mom and the hotel we were staying at had canals connecting to lakes. Well the canal we had next to the hotel was packed with nice decent peacock! Also massive Tilapia and Gar Also. But really I was focusing on Peacock, also saw some Large mouth but I couldn’t seem to catch them, they were also huge.

The first day I used lure but it really didn’t work on peacock for some reason they go for it but then like wouldn’t hook on to them. So the next day in the morning I asked my mom to take me to the nearby bait shop to get me some live shiners. It was the most expensive live bait place I’ve ever been to 13 bucks a dozen, but the shinners were nice and big tho so I really didn’t care. But later on the way back I didn’t have my oxygen maker for the live well so they were slowly dying! So when I got to the spot I threw in the first fish and go a hit! Was a nice decent pea! After that I caught like 4 more off those shiners but then I ran out. But next time I’ll for sure be prepared to catch me some nice Pea’s!

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