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Weekly Fishing Report 5/20

Author: Flying Fish Charters

Key West Fishing In May

Mahi Mahi


     Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of reports the past few weeks, I have been busy fishing.  Overall, the fishing around Key West has been awesome.  Starting offshore, there are some big mahi mahi around.  The sailfish and tunas are not as thick as they were earlier in the month, but there are still some sails and tunas being caught.  This time of year I switch from live bait fishing to dead bait trolling.  The reason being: I am targeting mahi mahi and I want to cover ground.  I am constantly on the lookout for rip currents, weed lines, floating debris and frigate birds.  When I am targeting mahi on the troll, I like using 30lb Bullbuster monofilament mainline and 6 foot leaders of 50-60lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon.  Always have live baits of some kind when you go offshore, if you hook 1 mahi on the troll, stop and throw some live baits in and watch the rest of the school swim up to the boat.

Black Grouper


     The fishing in the Gulf has been great too.  There has been a nice variety of fish being caught and the majority of them are tasty.  There have been some cobia on the wrecks and red groupers and mutton snappers on the rock piles.  Also, the permit have been spawning on the wrecks in the gulf.  Whenever you go out to the gulf this time of year, make sure you have crabs, sometimes the permit will be floating above the wreck and they are easy to see, other times you have to drop the crab to the bottom on a small jig.



     The backcountry fishing was great again this week.  The tarpon bite was good and we have been seeing a lot of fish pushing through the channels and ocean side flats.  It seems like everyday we are seeing more fish show up.  We have had more consistent weather this month and that has helped the tarpon bite tremendously.  They have been eating flies in the backcountry, but we have also been casting Hogy Lures and live crabs and they have eaten those as well.  We are also seeing a few more permit around in the shallows, some of them may be getting done spawning and heading back inshore.

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