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Weekly Fishing Report 5/13

Author: Flying Fish Charters

Key West Prime Time Fishing!!

Mahi Mahi

      Welcome back to the Key West Fishing Report.  The weather has been breezy and rainy here and unfortunately, the weather for the next few days looks terrible as well.  If you can get offshore, the dolphin fishing has been decent, there has been weed lines out deep and that’s where they like to hang out.  There have been plenty of frigate birds out there as well and they will show you where the mahi mahi are.  When I’m trolling for mahi, I like using 30lb Bullbuster Monofilament for my mainline and I like 6 foot leaders of 60lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon to run my ballyhoo on.  Also, closer to the reef, there have been reports of some sailfish tailing down sea.  Preferably, when I’m sailfishing, I like to use live bait and lighter leaders with circle hooks and I will be targeting sailfish in shallower water than the dolphin.   


       For the most part in the backcountry we have been doing a lot of tarpon fishing.  There are a lot of fish around Key West right now and when the weather has been nice, they have been eating well, with the best fishing coming early on or later in they day.  The windy days have been tougher to get the tarpon to eat, but we have still been getting a few hook ups.  You can find the fish on the ocean side and in some of the backcountry channels.  If you don’t feel like messing with big tarpon, there have been plenty of bonefish around as well.  The Bonefish can be super hard to see when we have thick cloud coverage, like we have had the past few days.  Look for waking fish and small puffs of mud; those are great ways to spot bonefish when you have bad lighting.


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