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Weekly Fishing Report 4/16

Author: Flying Fish Charters

Lower Keys Fishing Report

Blackfin Tunas
Blackfin Tuna

        Welcome back to the Lower Keys Fishing Report, it looks like we have a breezy couple days ahead of us.  The forecast is calling for a lot of wind out of the north, but it should start to lay down on Wednesday.  The offshore bite has been decent, there have been some tunas around along with some sailfish and some mahi mahi.  This north wind should be really good for sailfishing, they may start snapping well this week, just in time for the Final Sail Tournament.  Most likely the Tuna bite will be excellent this week too. Typically, the dolphin like a south wind, but I’m sure there will still be some fish caught.    


       Fishing some of the shallow coral heads and patch reefs on the Atlantic side may be a good idea for the next couple days.  You can catch different snappers, kingfish, porgy's and there have been a lot of nice red grouper, which will have to be thrown back.  The drop in temperature and the north wind make for great fishing around the shallows.  I like fishing with jigs around the shallow reefs and for the most part I use 20lb Bullbuster Braid on my spinning reels and 20lb Bullbuster Flourocarbon leaders on all my jigs.  If your hooking bigger fish and losing them, go with a heavier leader.     


       Fishing in the shallows has been pretty good, with some more tarpon showing up and and a few bonefish around.  This north breeze will make things a lot harder, the tarpon don’t like the heavy winds and or a drop in temperature, so finding them and hooking them may be difficult.  If the tarpon are not cooperating and your having trouble seeing bonefish; the barracuda bite on the flats still remains excellent.  There are plenty of big ones around and they’ve been attacking tubes in the shallows.


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