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Weekly Fishing Report 4/15

Author: Flying Fish Charters

April Bottom Fishing In Key West

mutton snapper

      We have had a very breezy week of fishing here in Key West, I haven’t been able to make it offshore too much at all. The guys who made it offshore reported decent fishing, with a consistent blackfin tuna bite and a few sailfish. Also, a lot of bonitas and kingfish around as well. On the bright side, with this heavy wind, it has been great conditions for flying the kite.  Getting threadfin herring around the channel markers has been easy and they make for great kite fishing baits. We should start to see some nice size mahi mahi showing up this month. 

porgies and hogfish

      I have been doing a lot of inshore fishing on my center console this week.  With the heavy wind and a lot young kids and families on spring break, I have been trying to keep it calm and have a productive day on the water.  For the most part, I have been fishing some deeper channels around Key West and I like fishing holes and rocky bottom areas in the channels.  There have been porgies, red groupers, yellowtail snappers, grey snappers and a lot of mutton snappers; some of the muttons have been really big. 

I usually anchor up current of the area where I want to fish and I start chumming heavy. I drift jigs back in the current with cut bait; always have different size jigs and different bait. It usually takes some experimenting to see what size jig works the best and what type of bait they like. I like prefer to use bullbuster braided line when I’m drifting jigs because it helps me feel the bite better and I use a lighter bullbuster fluorocarbon leader tied to the jig.  If I have live baits, like ballyhoo or threadfin herring, I’ll drop them to the bottom with a long carolina rig of 40-50lbbullbuster fluorocarbon.

mutton snapper

      The heavy northeast winds and the cooler temperatures have put the tarpon down this week.  Some people have hooked a couple fish, but for the most part it has been very difficult fishing for them.  Fishing for bonefish and permit has been difficult too, along with the wind, we have had some heavy cloud coverage and sight casting has been challenging.  The barracudas have been biting really well though, they like wind and cooler temperatures.  We did a bunch of shark fishing in the backcountry this week too; there were a lot of lemon sharks around and the kids were really into the shark fishing. 

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