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Weekly Fishing Report 3/29

Author: Flying Fish Charters

March 2019 Lower Keys Fishing Report

Hooked Up
Hooked Up

       Welcome back to the Lower Keys Fishing Report, we are currently experiencing cool and windy weather, but the weekend forecast is improving.  It should be sunny, with the temperture in the low to mid 70’s and the wind will be around 20mph on Saturday and 10-15mph on Sunday, out of the northeast.  

March Lower Keys Offshore Report

Offshore fishing has been decent this past week.  There have been some mahi mahi and some sailfish beginning to show up.  The tuna fishing on the Atlantic side has slowed up, but there have been plenty of blackfins around the Shrimp Boats out on the Gulf side.  Usually around the Shrimp boats, you have to sort through the massive schools of bonitas to find the blackfin tuna.  There have also been some snappers, kingfish and cobia around some of the Gulf wrecks.


March Lower Keys Inshore Report       

       The backcountry fishing has been pretty good, particularly when the weather has been warm.  We have had a few tarpon schools showing up around Key West, not big numbers of fish just yet, but it’s starting to feel like Spring down here.  Live crabs, live pinfish and soft plastic artificial lures have been working well on the tarpon.  In some areas, you can get away with using heavier tackle on these fish, but not in the Lower Keys.  We usually have clear water and our tarpon are highly pressured, so I like to use 30lb Bullbuster braid as my main line and 40lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon leaders.  Some of the Permit have started to move offshore and spawn, but we’re still seeing some permit on the flats.  There are plenty of big barracudas around still; on days when its colder and we’re not finding the other fish, they have been really fired up.


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