Fishing Report:

Weekly Fishing Report 1/28/18

Author: Flying Fish Charters

Key West January Fishing Report

Yellow Tail Snapper

       Well we have had some incredibly windy weather here in the lower keys the past few days.  Late last week and earlier this weekend the wind around 30 mph and gusting even higher.  There is a small break in the wind on Monday and then another front arrives Monday evening.  The wind will be back up to 25mph and the temperature is going to drop into the low 60’s.  If you could get out and fish on Monday, I would recommend it.  No one has been offshore the past few days, so I do not have much to report on.  However, these fronts tend to be good for offshore fishing in the winter, so I would expect the tunas and maybe even the sailfish to be biting after this big blow.      


       If you really want to get out on the water after Monday, I would recommend staying in the backcountry.   Try to find some channels and other protected areas around the mangroves and try to chum up snappers and sharks.  Sharks are one of the few fish that don’t seem to mind weather like this.  Even if it the temperature drops and the water gets all churned up, the sharks will usually still eat.  For the most part, I use Bullbuster 50lb wire for my shark leaders, with a 6/0 circle hook.  For the lemons and smaller black tip sharks, that is all you’ll need, but I’ll always have a heavier set up ready in case a big shark shows up.  Another option in this weather is drifting the basins with bucktail jigs.  There has been a lot of bait in Jewfish and Waltz Key Basins and the fishing has been excellent.  The trout, ladyfish and jacks, don’t seem to mind the colder, windier weather either.


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