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Weekly Fishing Report 10/6

Author: Flying Fish Charters

How Is Fishing In Key West After A Hurricane?

Post Irma Report



       Hey everyone and welcome to the first Key West fishing report since Hurricane Irma.  If you are planning a trip to the keys, that is great news and we will really appreciate your business.  We just got our internet back at mile marker 10 this past week and I start chartering again this weekend.  Key West dodged a bullet when it comes to Irma; they are up and running and ready for the tourists to visit, other areas of the lower and middle keys got hit harder and they may need more time to get everything back together.  Weather for this weekend looks decent, Saturday will be cloudy and windy, but the wind should be slowing up as the day goes on. Sunday looks better with a lot less wind.

Blackfin Tuna

       We have been able to get out and fish a little in between all the chain sawing and cleaning up.  There have been dolphin and tuna offshore.  Usually, the blackfin tunas start showing up on the wrecks around now and you can fish them all through the winter and into the spring.  The blackfin tunas here can be a finicky at times and I really like to catch them with live pilchards.  My typical live bait set up for tunas starts with medium size spinning gear.  I like 30lb Bullbutser Braidas my main line and long leaders of 30lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon.  We also use small circle hooks, like 2/0 and 3/0.  If you keep getting bit off, trying adding a snip of wire to end of your leaders.     


       We are still seeing schools of small tarpon around the backcountry.  We were able to hook a few the other day.  They were eating small bucktail jigs and we also hooked a few on small white flies; the tarpon were eating small baitfish.  We also saw a few bonefish too, it was difficult to see on some of the flats, as the water was still a little dirty, but that is clearing up by the day.  The most important thing about getting on the water this weekend is to stay safe.  A lot of things got blown all over the place down here, make sure you watch where you going with all the sunk debris.

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