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Weekly Fishing Report

Author: Flying Fish Charters

Sometimes the odds are against you, slow bite, dirty water, inconsistent temperatures, and high winds.

We had a very crazy week with the weather here in Key West.  Most of last weekend and earlier this week were not fishable with sustained winds over 30 mph.  We finally started getting out and fishing on Tuesday afternoon and over all the fishing has been pretty good on the reef and offshore wrecks.  The offshore bite has been a little slow, with a few blackfin tunas, but not much else happening out there.  We have had some dirty water offshore and that can have a huge impact on the fishing.  We are supposed to get a cold front this weekend though and hopefully that will bring in nicer looking water and the blackfin tuna and sailfish bite will pick up.

African Pompano

A variety of methods and a variety of results.

The yellowtail snapper bite on the reef has been consistent the past few days.  We have not had a lot of current, but the bite has still been pretty good and the fish have been decent sized.  The fishing on the offshore wrecks has been good as well, with amberjacks, mutton snappers and a few african pompano.  Some fish were caught on live pilchards at the bottom, but also dead squid were working too.  We also caught a couple muttons and amberjacks on the vertical jig.  When I am fishing the deeper wrecks, whether using a jig or dropping baits to the bottom, I use 50lb bullbuster braid.


Water quality inshore makes bait collecting harder.

I typically like using live baits when I am fishing for anything, but it has been tougher getting live baits this week, mainly due to water quality inshore.  The few pilchards I did have were all caught blind casting the net because I couldn’t see anything, even in 2 feet of water.  The ballyhoo were also really hard to come by, they got pushed around and were not in their usually areas.  It took some moving around and chumming to find the ballyhoo, and they were really spooky when we did find them, making it hard to get a net on them.

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