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Weather, Tides And Fishing

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

Considering Tides & Weather For Panhandle Kayak Fishing

American yaker David Wood fishing the flats in his Hobie PA 14

Quick write up on today’s fishing trip. For starters, the weather was absolutely amazing! It’s finally warming up in the panhandle of Florida. For the last couple of weeks to a month it’s been pretty cold and rainy. The average water temp has been around 50 degrees with a low of 44 degrees. Today the water temp was peeking 69 degrees which is a good think. With the water temps raising the speckled trout and red fish will start feeding on the flats. However, today that wasn’t the case. Two things that we over looked that made our fishing trip somewhat of a bust….the tide and the rain. Let’s see why.

How We Look At Weather & Tides For Kayak Fishing

       First, the location we were fishing was a good mixture of flats and small canals with some deep channels. We’ve fished this area several times and have had some good success. The key to fishing this area is to fish it on a rising tide. The problem with today was that we fished it on a falling tide to slack tide. Meaning there was no current movement at allllll and to add to the issue there wasn’t any wind (SE @2-5 mph). To further add to the problem the water was super dirty and had a lot fresh river and rain water mixed into. This was due to all the rain we had early this week. So, falling to slack tide plus dirty fresh water equals little to no bite.

       The lesson learned from today is….do your research and check your tides. See below for pictures and links for a good tide website.

(Check Out The Top 5 Fishing Tide Websites)

American Yaker David Wood 


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