Fishing Report:

We Got A Squirter!!! Blackfin Tuna Bloodbath.

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Fishing For Blackfin Tuna Out Of Hillsboro Inlet

My buddy Jason and I went out of Hillsboro inlet, for a half day morning trip to try and put some meat in the boat. We started our first drift in 250ft of water about a mile south of hillsboro inlet, greeted with a slow trickling North current and dirty green water.

"A quick gaff to the head and we had our first fish in the boat"

Our buddy Nick who is a captain and has his own charter business out of Marco island joined us this morning as well. 10 minutes into our drift and silent clickers, our buddy Nick hooks up on the vertical jig in 180ft of water. The fish made a blistering first run and stayed deep, which lead us to think we were having sushi for dinner, as it was doing the typical Blackfin Tuna death rolls. 

Live Baiting For  Blackfin Tuna

After about 10 minutes we were finally able to make out the shape of the fish and saw some color. We were all surprised to see the deep body of a greater amberjack 15ft down. We normally never catch these AJ's over the sand, except I can remember just one other time I caught an AJ far from any wrecks.

"This time we did have sushi on the line"

A quick gaff to the head and we had our first fish in the boat. Nick told us he was going to keep the Jack to make smoked fish dip. Once we drifted into 150ft, we immediately had two of the rods with pilchards go off and we were greeted with some more Tuna death rolls. 

Amberjack Fish Dip

This time we did have sushi on the line. After 5 minutes my buddy Jason and I landed two nice 10lb blackfins and got to bleeding. With no knife on the boat I simply ripped the fish's gills and was greeted with a Tuna Bloodbath. Something about watching white fiberglass painted red just makes me happy!!! 

Blackfin Tuna For Sashimi

The next drift my buddy Jason immediately hooks up to what appears to be a smoker king as it makes sporadic runs. After a 15 minute fight we land our 3rd blackfin and our biggest in the 32lb range!!! Shortly after that I got seasick, which hasn't happened to me in 4 years, but I blame last nights happy hour and oysters!! Good little morning session and put some meat in the boat!

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