Fishing Report:

Warriors For Warriors Charity Shark And Tuna Tourney

Author: Ryan Carson

Wounded Warriors Benefit Tournament New Jersey

Photo Credit- Ty Bartley- 20 miles off Barnegat Inlet

June 10th 2018 Keep on Reeling Fishing Team headed out of Barnegat Inlet at 5:30am in search of Shark and Tuna. The tournaments consisted of Makos, Threshers and any species of tuna. We couldn’t ask for any better weather for such a great cause. Along with our team (Ryan Carson, Chris Johnson and substituting for Corey Jones, Jason William, we had the pleasure of bringing Veteran Ty Bartley on board.

"Ty served as a Navy Corpsmans from 1999-2004. In 2002 he was aboard vessel doing search and seizures on vessels in the gulf of Aden."

Ty served as a Navy Corpsmans from 1999-2004. In 2002 he was aboard vessel doing search and seizures on vessels in the gulf of Aden. He was part of OEF also known as Operation Enduring Freedom where he spent time in East Africa and Afghanistan. Ty was an absolute blast and we all had tons of laughs throughout the day. As a token of gratitude for his great service he provided our country, Ty will continue to fish with Keep on Reeling Fishing Team whenever he can and will always be welcome aboard the Blaze N’ Bullet.

Just to give a brief background of the Charity:

“Warriors for Warriors Inc. is an IRS designated 501c3 and we organize and run the Warriors for Warriors Charity Shark Tournament, an annual fund raiser tournament that features former US Navy SEALs, local veterans and local fishermen raising money for charities that support combat warrior veterans. Each year, the Tournament will announce a specific charity to support. This year, we will again, support Operation Restored Warrior (ORW), a charity operated by combat veterans that has a highly successful program where warriors heal warriors of PTSD with the goal of preventing suicides. 22 veterans take their lives each day and with the help of our supporters, we can help prevent this from happening. Our event is run entirely by volunteers and we aim to keep our overhead very low by securing donated facilities, items and services so that we can donate as much as possible to Operation Restored Warrior. At ORW, 96.4 percent of all funds donated go directly to helping Veterans, putting them through a 5 day program, free of charge. While ORW works with veterans all across the country, we have had 8 local veterans go through the program. Our participants and this Tournament are saving lives!!”

The Report:

Unfortunately we were not able to qualify for the Tournament but we did have a successful day. We drove out about 20 miles off Barnegat lighthouse to the Barnegat Ridge to set up a drift in about 100 foot of water. With the chum buckets in the water and all hooks baited it then became a waiting game. About 2 hours Jason spotted the first fin to enter our chum slick. Too much of our surprise, we had a very nice sized blue shark right up to the boat. As the shark bumped our chum bucket a few times Chris tossed a whole mackerel out about 15 foot in front of the shark which caused the shark to turn hard towards the bait and grab it. The fight was on! Line peeling off the reel Jason and Ty cleared the other rods out of the way. Every time we would get the shark a little closer to the boat it would take off. About 20 minutes later we had the shark boat side where we were able to safely release the shark in hopes of finding a Mako or Thresher. Unfortunately that time never came and it was mostly quiet for the rest of the day with only one other fin coming into the slick but by the time we saw the fin it was already gone.

Overall it was a great day for a great cause and Keep on Reeling Fishing Team would like to thank the following people for contributing to the great cause.

Ray Ames & Michele Ames

Jill Sabol

Diane Roskos

Wendy Harrison

Emily Bell

Michael and Collen Hill

Oma and Opa Hill

John Schulze

Tina Carson

Beth, Dale and Dylan Rue

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