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Want To Catch Big Peacock Bass In Late Summer / Fall?

Author: Albert Acosta

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing In South Florida

Late Summer Peacock Bass
Big Late Summer Pea

The days are still long and hot and the peacock bass fishing has been on fire! Late summer peacock fishing can still be very productive even when the fish have stopped spawning. Peacock bass spawn several times a year a spend much of their time protecting their nests and eggs. After the spawn they start to feed aggressively again to fatten up and recouperate their strength after spawning. Late summer early fall the peacocks will be in deeper water hiding from the heat late in the day. Early in the morning you will find them in the shallows trying to get a quick meal as well as in the early afternoon. You can target them with lures, jigs, or live bait. I have caught many peas on lures and jigs but in the late summer the fish can be hard to find as they start to go deeper hiding from the heat late in the day. You can weed through the swarms of small fry peas all day with lures and jigs and trust me that will keep you busy....but if you want a nice trophy pea you have to think like them......think like a big pea. Its hot, its humid, the water is like a hot bath.....the big ones dont like that....the big ones go deep and hide by structure or some other ambush spot and wait...the wait for the perfect moment to strike and get a quick easy meal. They dont want to expend much energy they want to stay cool. So what I do is catch live bait...nice big ones Mayans, talapia, or bluegill and go after them late in the day before the sun goes down. Don't get me wrong you can go after them with lures and you can get them to hit but its much harder and time consuming. I look for good area with structure and bait around that will hold peas and bass and other fish like tarpon or snook. 

Late Summer Peacock Bass Miami
Big Pea Busted

I like to fish around the structure with a few baits and see if any thing comes lurking from the depths. The big ones will be around you just have to be patient. Let the bait swim naturally on a small hook freeline. You will know when something has its evil eye on your bait...the bait will start to swim eratic and nervous....its swimming for its life! The big peas will not waste any time enabling your bait...i use big baits for the most part...big baits equal big fish. You will be surprised at the size of a bait that a big hungry pea will swallow when they are hungry. I have been searching for years for The Trophy Pea....dont get me wrong i have caught 5, 6, 8 pounders but im looking for Peazilla..for Pea Kong...i have been looking for the 10-12 pounder....i know they are out there....somewhere waiting for me..and I will find him! Lol...I fish with Bullbuster 30lb braid and use 30lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon. Its heavy for these fish but when using live bait you never know when a snook or tarpon will show up and you dont want to be out gunned! Im setting up a lighter rod/reel set up with 12lb test to tackle these little monsters next....should be fun. Remember order your fishing lines @Bullbuster.netfor great products and fast shipping! Helps you spend more time fishing!

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