Fishing Report:

Wade Fishing Oso Bay

Author: Christopher Meza

Texas Wadefishing (Oso Bay)

When down to Oso bay right in front of TAMUCC and decide to do some wade fishing for trout. As we walked across I ended up running into a buddy from high school I haven’t seen in 6yrs and after we chatted for a bit we walked towards the other end of the bridge. The strategy was to walk to the other end to keep the wind to our backs while we fished.

As we walked closer to the water I picked out a mirror lure bait that suspends and has erratic  movement  when twitched. I tried that closer to the bridge with no success and switched up to another color mirror lure but not even one bite. 

Soft Plastics For Wadefishing In Oso Bay

Picked out a Norton sand Eel jr and the color of choice was Purple Blue Glitter with a Chartreuse Tail. Had this rigged to a 3/8 oz jig head with a snap on clip attached to a swivel. (use norton speed clips preferably)

As we drifted further from the bridge we still did not get any bites. We finally found some trout in deeper and waded Till I was about chest deep and casted into deeper water. As I casted I would let the soft plastic sink to the bottom and then twitch the bait twice pause then twitch once and pause once again in a moderate repetition. 

Oso Bay Wadefishing For Sea Trout

The trout would hit on the drop and you had to be ready for the subtle bite to hook the trout before they spit the hook. I managed one good trout at about 18in and too many dinks but was still fun targeting trout for once.

Trout Fishing Wadefishing

Hopefully this year I can land bigger fish and not only prove to myself I can constantly catch fish but put the whole I’m just lucky when I catch something phrase to an end and show that this is all strategy and not just luck as I’m used to hearing from people.

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