Fishing Report:

"Vampires Hunt At Night"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Vampires are real when it comes to being a small pin fish. The vampire they fear is a speckled sea trout. These predators are the real deal boogy-man to a small bait fish. They love canals, grassy beds, and green dock lights. You can usually find them if you just watch the water they will smack the top when they hit a unsuspecting prey with a quick pop! When targeting trout I like to used 20lb braid tied to 15lb mono and a small 3/0 circle hook. Free line is the best way to catch them when using a small pin fish or finger mullet for bait. Cast out and let your bait swim if on a kayak I find my drift cast out and leave my spool open. Barely holding the line with my finger. When I feel the line take off out my hand I flip the spool and the hook does the work for me. Large trout we call gators and can put on a very crazy fight with lots of head shakes. Craig Carson of Orlando made sport fishing history when he landed the heaviest trout on record. It weighed 17 pounds, 7 ounces two days after it was caught and it was 39 ½ inches long and 18 7/8 inches in girth. Unfortunately the most recent red tide did a impact on our specks numbers. Due to these reasons FWC has now inforced new laws to help the sea trout repopulate. With knowledge on these new laws you can help bring them back to their rightful numbers and keep catching them for years to come. Good luck. #TeamDorsal 

below is a link to new laws for your area put in place for spotted sea trout.

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