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Urban Tilapia And Bass Fishing!

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

South Florida Urban Freshwater Fishing

Targeting Tilapia Can Be Quite Fun!

The hunt for the tilapia is not as easy as it sounds and i spent quit some time trying to actually get one of these fish to eat artificial, small jigs,and very light florocarbon was the trick. what a beautiful fish, and was cool seeing one of this size out of the water! with it being such a wide fish and on such light gear it put up quit a good fight and was a struggle keeping him out of the lily pads. 

Miami Lake Fishing For Tilapia
Fat Lake Tilapia

Fishing the banks of canals and lake,ponds can be very productive and fun. if you put in the time to find spots you really can catch some quality fish with this method as well as using kayaks and small boats in some areas.

Here is one more tilapia, much darker and smaller and as weird as it was it hit a gold and black rattle trap while targeting largemouth bass.

As for the large mouth bass hoping from spot to spot i generally like to fish early am or later in the day, weather and time of year depending and one of my go too baits for this is fishing soft plastic worms. theres a million baits you can fish and all i can say is try and keep it simple for the most part,i personally prefer fishing straight florocarbonwhen worm fishing this way and staying away from braid. now on another note if your fishing lets say a pop-r  or top water style bait, swimbaits through heavy grass or frogs then i will switch over to braid!

tight lines from the Ninja sharkers.

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