Fishing Report:

Tuna On The Rigs

Author: Team True Blue

Tuna Fishing On Oilrigs

Will and I, took a little trip to the oil rigs this past week. Accompanied by a couple of our friends we struck out aboard the 28ft world cat and headed out. Somewhere around the 92 mile mark we reached our destination, after doing a little trolling around we decided to start doing some jigging and chucking as the sun started to set.

Fishing Oil Rigs

 It wasn't long using 7-10oz diamond jigs and vertical jigs on custom built rods packed full of bullbuster mono and braid, we were on.  As we continued to put blackfin in the boat throughout the night we took turns catching some sleep. All night long tuna after tuna. Black fins on jigs and chunk bait and yellowfin on poppers, it doesn't get much more exciting than that!  

Trolling Around Oil Rig

 The next morning we decided to do a little trolling once again, wasn't long and will was hooked up on a huge wahoo. The fish hit a black bart wahoo rig. Looked like it attacked it at over 60mph it came across the water so fast. Due to an error in the rigging which was done by neither one of us, the crimp pulled on the hook end and the fish was gone. 

Trolling Around Oilrig

Out of time and out of energy we headed back in. Boat full of tuna and our spirits high. Things are just starting to pop off at the rigs. Only gonna get better from here on out. Can't wait to get back out!

Jigging For Tuna
Oilrig Fishing
Blackfin Tuna Caught Jigging
Boat Load Of Tuna!
Nice Tuna
Solid Bag Of Tuna
Rig Tuna Sashimi
Fishing Around An Oil Rig For Tuna

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