Fishing Report:

Tuna Fishing Off The Hump

Author: Austin Porter


Been a while in writing an article. Making some big moves in the real world and haven't fished as much. The days Ive fished have been nothing but spectacular.

June 24

My buddies and I were staying in Tavernier when the weather window aloud us to run to the Marathon Hump. We sat back and enjoyed the long cruise. Once we got to the hump we deployed two octopus lures (Will explain below) and not more than 5 min we have our first tuna. We started at about 7am and just kept fishing to it got slow at about 9:30am with over 20 football size tuna in the box. We decided to keep it going to about 10am and call it to go look for dolphin.. Buddy puts his tuna lure out and a big dolphin starts jumping when the line went off.. After a 45 min fight, we gaffed a 32lber. 

Tuna Lure

The tuna lures I use are the 4-5inch octopus with 3/8oz weight in it. Put 40lb regular mono leader with a 4/0 hook. Thats why we babied the dolphin because it at that lure with such a small hook. 


Once we finished at the hump, we headed back towards Tavernier and check some weed patches were we picked off a few schoolies to add to the box. 

Tackle Used

We were using 20lb braid for trolling the tuna lures. When we cast the weediness for the schoolies, I throw bucktail jigs on 20lb braid with 40lb leader. I never use fluorocarbon on dolphin because they pretty much attack everything you throw at them. What I will do is catch a few of those almaco jacks under the weed lines just incase a dolphin 10lb+ comes up. For the bigger dolphin, I like to use 20lb mono with a 60lb leader and 9/0 hook. I use a 9/0 hook so those bigger dolphin swallow it and tend to jump less since it damages them when you hook them. 

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