Fishing Report:

Tuna Fishing

Author: Austin Porter

Fishing For Bullet Blackfin In The Florida Keys

August 27

Hello all,

Been a while, the hurricane has delayed me a few weeks with the cleanup. I was one of the un-lucky ones with no power for almost 12 days. So past week I have been busting out jigs to get back on track. My boat was perfectly fine, put it into a warehouse for the storm. The hardest part was trying to drive to the ramp after with all the debris everywhere. 

But before the storm I went down to the Marathon Hump where the tuna were going off. We trolled 2 small lures with 30lb Bullbuster regular leader and every time you get to the birds it was almost a for sure double hook up. We stopped a few times to throw verticals, you would mark the tuna on the sonar and as soon as you got to the depth of the tuna your vertical jig would just stop and you had a tuna on! That day we ended up with 47 tuna total killing 39 of them. All then average 4-5lbs with the biggest a little over 9lbs. 

This was all done in about 3 hours time frame.. There was one hammerhead shark early that kept eating the tunas next to the boat, so we hooked him for about 10 min before he spit the bait. After that, 0 sharks the rest on the time. 

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