Fishing Report:

Trolling For Ahi And Marlin

Author: Jaren Luke

Trolling for Ahi and Marlin in the Summer


   After a successful beginning to my summer trolling season this year, I was excited to get the call from one of my good friends to fish on his boat F/V Kamikaze, a beautiful 29 foot Kamicraft. The ahi had been biting steadily in the week prior but had slowed down the few days before our fishing trip. The lack of action was further confirmed by the lack of boats being launched in the water in the early morning hours. We were still excited to fish thinking sometimes you just have to make your own news. We got out to our fishing grounds early and had our five trolling lines set and lures running nicely behind the boat. 

    After a slow few hours the action we were anxiously waiting for came with our port side outrigger line swinging around and line screaming off of the Shimano Tiagra 130. It wasn’t long before the first run stopped and we made short work of a 100 pound ahi. We were stoked to have the pressure off for the day and reset the lines to make another run through the area and make our way back to the harbor. It wasn’t long before the starboard outrigger pole swung around with the reel screaming harder and faster signaling a larger fish on the line. 

    Our thoughts of a bigger ahi were interrupted by an amazing acrobatic show of a good sized pacific blue marlin jumping to throw the hook and lure. In about 20 minutes we had the 220 pound marlin at leader and in the boat. It was an exciting day after expecting little action with some good eating fish to share with friends and family. Just goes to show that you never know and sometimes it pays to try and make your own news. Better lucky than good! Aloha.

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