Fishing Report:


Author: Tyler Feijoo

SouthShore Anglers Tournament.  All Money Given to Cancer Research.

I would like to say thanks to the staff who held the tournament last weekend for longest trout (SouthShore Anglers) all money was collected and given to research for children cancer.


Searching for the Trout Bite.

Tournament started as soon as the captains meeting was over. We woke up around 4:00 to grab the boat and start heading out. On are way to Longboat key the trout bite is always hot out there. So that was our water choice for the day. Got to the ramp loaded up on some Green Backs and off we headed.

Gag Grouper

All Snook no Trout, Time to Relocate.

The day started off slow as the low tide and the 15 mph winds were making conditions tough to fish the areas we wanted. Finally we poled down where we wanted to be and started chumming with the bat.  Ended up catching about 10 to 20 juvenile snook and they were tons of fun and all but we were started to get disappointed seeing as this was a trout tournament so we moved into about 4 to 5 feet of water grass flats and pot holes everywhere. 

5 lb trout

Snook, Grouper, Still no Trout... Where are the Trout?

Poled down once again and started chumming more ended up missing a huge trout and snook couldn't figure out what it was, as it took off away from the boat. Then we got surprised by 3 baby GAG Grouper I couldn't believe it were catching snook grouper and yet to land a trout. 

21 inch trout

20 minutes left... Finally a Trout!

We had about 20 minutes left in the trip before we had to head to weigh in. All the sudden my little cousin hooks up to a nice 5 pound 21inch trout. Nice size fish and we were told we had the 4th biggest fish of the tournament.

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Fishing the Sarasota Bay area killing it !

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