Fishing Report:

Tiger Shark And Bull Shark

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Double the locations, double the sharks.

Sometimes you have to change locations, some times you have to come back another day, and sometimes you just need to split up and play the odds.

Bull Shark.

On this night Jonathan and I decide to hit a beach further north. At the same time Jesus hits another beach a little further to the south of us. After a couple of hours Jesus calls us and says he just got a really Big Bull Shark. So we are all excited. He soon texts us a few pictures of the Bull Shark. And she is a Big One. 

Tiger Shark.

Not too much later Jonathan gets a nice hit on his Santiago 130 packed with Bullbuster Braid and topped off with Bullbuster Monofilament. He lets the shark eat and then he sticks em. He's on and it feels like a nice shark. After a while it's close to the beach and its a Nice Tiger Shark. The Tiger Shark was just short of 9ft. We stay out there on the beach for several more hours but this is a quiet night. We go home happy knowing that our squad landed and released 2 nice sharks on this night from two separate beaches.

Both Sharks were landed on Bullbuster Braid, Bullbuster Mono and Bullbuster Grander Leaders.

tiger shark

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