Fishing Report:

Tiger And Nurse

Author: South Florida Sharks

Catching a Nice Night Tiger Shark at Night

Me and my Buddy Kevin from Canada had planned this trip for awhile. We got over to the east coast Kayaked out half of a barracuda on the Avet 80w and half a cownose ray on the Duel 12/0Ws. Around noon the avet 80w starts rolling nice and slow we harness up and lay into the fish it's really dead weight and then charges a few times. Got the fish into the surf after about  a 10 minute fight. It was a solid 9' Nurse shark with a big girth probably around 250-300 lbs. Snapped a few pictures and sent the fish back on it's way the. Later that nigh the Duel got picked up nice and slow I let the fish eat and slowly added drag the fish felt solid just not sure what it was Nice tiger? big lemon? nurse curse? Kept the fight going did a few solid runs. We got the fish into the surf got a tail rope on the fish it's a solid 9' tiger! Snap some good pictures and got the fish back swimming and off she went to be caught another day when she's 14'+. Make sure you guys stay tuned for more fishing reports from all of your ambassadors over at Bullbuster Brand direct fishing lines.

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