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Tiagra Goes To Work On NC Sharks!!

Author: Team Hitman LBSF

North Carolina Summer Shark Fishing Report

North Carolina Summer Shark Fishing

The past 2 weeks has been hot hot hot for team member Johnny Deaver or as most know him Scooby!

It started out as most any other weekend for scooby as soon as quitting time rolled around Scooby rolled out towards his favorite fishing spot to paddle some baits out on his new Tiagra 130. Friday night was uneventful but the action was still to come. Saturday came around and scooby and a few friends hit the sand like normal and began sending baits out into the salty pond a couple hours before dark. Once the baits were out everyone was sitting back enjoying the beautiful weather and about an hour had passed when the Tiagra 130 came to life, the braid came peeling off!!! Everyone knew it was game time and the way the fish was running with the mid section of a cow nosed ray it had to be a nice fish! Scooby gave the tiagras drag a good work out as he fought the fish relentlessly for around 20 minutes until the monster was finally visible in the surf. With help from his fishing partners they were able to quickly dehook, measure, photo, and release what many have called a Stud North Carolina Bull Shark measuring 8’7 and weighing and estimated 350 pounds. Scooby just calls it his P.B. bull.

North Carolina Bullshark

The very next weekend scooby’s luck would strike again, this time on friday. Scooby and the guys hit the sand again and sent some baits out about 450 yards to soak. About 3 hours in a familiar sound roared to life again. The fish took made about a 50-60 yard run and began swimming parallel to the beach before taking another 100 yard run. Scooby applied the brakes and began cranking bringing the fish to the shallows. Once in the shallows they brought the fish in dehooked, measured, photo and release a 7’6 Tiger shark. 

Tiger Shark North Carolina

Both sharks were released unharmed. Check out our team Instagram @team_hitman to keep up with our catches also feel free to follow Scooby @backwooz_boy98 !!

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